Find Your Currency with Creative Currency

Creative Currency knows new, meaningful ideas are what drive success. If you want to learn how to take ideas and turn them into moments that matter, join our internship program to create, connect and collaborate with a team of thinkers, storytellers and campaigners who know how to make an impact.


We have locations all across the country but are based out of our brand-new Toronto office.

Position Details

Four-month paid internship.

Why Choose the Creative Currency Internship Program? 

We are a new agency but an experienced team. We’re nimble, tenacious and endlessly curious, holistically connecting strategy, ideas and execution to help organizations find their currency. By joining our team, you’ll contribute to creative campaign development, strategic digital innovation and cutting-edge insights to stay ahead of the curve.

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Real experience is how you really learn, which is why we believe in giving our interns real responsibilities. From day-one, you’ll work on actual client projects and be integrated into high-energy, high-impact campaigns.

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Mentorship and

We’re committed to your growth and success. Throughout the program, you’ll have access to a dedicated mentor who will provide guidance, support, and regular feedback to help you refine your skills. You’ll also have a $250 learning stipend to spend on books, courses or any other learning opportunity!

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Our internship program offers exposure to a wide range of projects from more than 50 clients in industries like consumer brands, public affairs, education, healthcare and more.

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As a team that’s been working together for years, we’re proud of our talented team and are always excited to expand it. Join our community of like-minded individuals who are driven to push boundaries, think creatively and deliver results, and build lasting relationships with talented professionals in the industry.

Current internship positions available